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Farmtool® - farm accounting software
See the testimonials below for a small sample
of what people are saying about Farmtool.
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Farm Accounting Software
What are the requirements of a good farm accounting software package? There are several
things to look for and questions to ask when evaluating farm accounting software. Some of them might be:
Is the software easy to use? That is, can it be used intelligently by someone without a computer
and accounting background. Does the software provide the information needed for Income Tax
prepation? Does the software provide reports that might be used in tax planning? For instance,
is it possible to see the bottom line - that is, the amount you will pay taxes on if the income and
expense figures stay as they are today? Does the software have a comprehensive CCA section to
make it possible to see the UCC balance on every piece of equipment on the farm? Does the
software track GST and PST paid and received on farm income and purchases? Does it provide all
 of the numbers needed to fill in the Revenue Canada GST rebate forms? And what about Farmtool?
Does it have all of the things mentioned above?
FFarmtool is a very user friendly farm accounting software program. With it, farm accounting
can be done effectively by anyone, with or without a computer or accounting background.
GST reporting is a simple matter of writing a report for the period of interest. It is a big hit with
accountants as it greatly reduces the work they need to do when farmers bring in their records
for tax preparation. It has all the bells and whistles needed in a farm accouting software program.
Farmers do not hesitate to call and let us know how they 'love' the program.
When it comes to farm accounting software, this is as good as it gets.
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Customer Testimonials
Here is just a small sample of what people have been saying about Farmtool over the years.

March 10, 2006:  
S. Lucyk - I certainly enjoy your program.

March 27, 2006:
C. Hartter - I am still not sure exactly what happened with the initial transfer of the files.
Thanks for everything. It is nice to know that you are available when I run into these little kinks.
So often you buy something and that is the last time you hear from them. I really do appreciate
your help and concern.

April 06,2006:
G. Bulhofner - I got the new reports you created for the Farmtool program ( Expenses LESS GST ).
Thanks so much for doing this. The program now works the way I need it too.
I'm finding it really easy to use, books are done to the end of March and the GST has been filed !
Thanks again, the personal service is great !

October 19, 2006:
Dwight Pomedli - Wadena, Sask - I've spent a ton of money on farm accounting programs and this is
still the best one I've seen. I've been using it for 5 years.

Feb 17, 2007:
Randy Penner - Petersfield, MB - I would like to order the farmtool farm accounting software. I have used your program in the past and enjoyed it but I switched over to another program 2 years ago and do not like it. So I would like yours again. I FOUND THAT PROGRAM TOO DIFFICULT UNLESS YOU WERE A CA. YOUR PROGRAM IS MUCH MORE USER FREINDLY

March 5, 2009:
Linda Hallborg - Central Butte, Sask says she just loves the program because it's so user-friendly and does everything she needs to do.

November 17, 2010
Joe Warwick, Warwick Computer Consulting, Glaslyn, SK.
This is far and away the best farm and small business software available.

April 26, 2012
Darlene Strain, North Battleford, SK says I've used your program for a very long time - since 1991 in fact and I just love the program. It has worked so well for me and the couple of times i've had trouble with it you were able to help me with it.

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